just-auto.com -- Research carried on the www.just-auto.com website points to a steady rise in automatic transmission technology in new cars. Europe is the bastion of manual or 'stick' shift, contrasting with the US and Japan where automatics dominate. However, technological advances will trigger greater take-up of automatic transmission by vehicle makers in Europe. just-auto.com's industry partner, CSM Worldwide, a specialist in automotive technology research and consulting, conducted the research.

Commenting on the findings, David Leggett, just-auto.com's Managing Editor, said, 'The technology is moving along at quite a pace and is at the stage where it can be brought to the market.' He added, "This sort of technology research carried out by CSM Worldwide has major implications for vehicle makers and suppliers; it is clear that in the transmissions area, the market will see a shake-up."

The full findings can be read by clicking here.

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