An agreement has been reached for Volkswagen's Brussels plant to continue producing cars during 2007, and continue to employ more than 2,000 workers.

Works leader Norbert Steingräber told the German Press Agency that the company will produce around 46,000 Polos and at least 14,000 Golfs next year. The statement was made after a meeting between management and unions in Brussels yesterday.

Volkswagen has said it will cease production of the Golf at the plant from 2007 and concentrate production of that model at the Wolfsburg and Zwickau plants. 4,000 of a total of 5,400 jobs will be affected by this move, but Volkswagen has said that it will build the Audi A1 in Brussels from 2009, as long as employment costs are lowered. This means extending the working week, and introducing a new flexible working system.

There is still an issue over what will happen to workers during 2008, before the plant is ready to produce the A1.

Preparations are reportedly being made to resume production at the plant. Workers downed tools on 17 November and have not produced any cars since then. The strike became official on Sunday 3 December.