DaimlerChrysler has stressed it has no plans to sell Chrysler.

Chrysler, which has attracted unfavourable media coverage in recent weeks for its bloated inventory of 2006 models, yesterday posted a third quarter operating loss of $US1.48bn, dragging down the parent company's operating profit to $1,132m from $2,332m.

A subsequent conference call for analysts and journalists led to a flurry of media reports suggesting DC was likely to ditch its struggling US arm.

However, in a statement from Hartmut Schick, DC's senior vice president of corporate communications, the automaker said: "DaimlerChrysler reaffirms its previous statements made to the media that there are no plans to sell Chrysler Group.

"During [Wednesday's] third-quarter earnings analyst/media conference call, the company appropriately chose not to add to the speculation regarding this topic. However, the resulting coverage and comments made it clear that this "not-for-sale" statement needed to be reaffirmed."