Dana Corporation has introduced a new torque transfer technology, (TXT) axle differential which offers improved torque management in all-wheel-drive passenger vehicles with a space and weight-saving design.

Dana claims the TXT unit is the first axle differential to offer a cost-efficient solution for improved handling for all types of vehicles, saying that its space- and weight-saving features are particularly relevant in today's market with the increasing demand for all-wheel drive passenger cars and crossover sport-utility vehicles.

TCT can be mounted on either axle to transfer torque front to rear, or rear to front. It will also be available with electronic controls and can be combined with Dana's side-to-side Hydra-Lok differential to offer a torque-control package.

The hydro-mechanical technology incorporates an open differential with a hydraulic pump and clutch system that detects wheel slippage and progressively transfers torque to the non-driving axle. Dana says TXT is unique because it is completely contained within the axle and does not require a torque-coupling device, saving under-body space and reducing weight. Its location in line with the half shafts also eliminates the unbalance vibrations typical of heavier, more complex designs.

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