Daimler's small car brand has no plans to add an SUV, according to the brand's CEO.

Speaking at Automotive News Europe Congress in Birmingham, Annette Winkler said that the company strategy is concentrated on adding services to its car customers and that smart's product portfolio does not need the addition of an SUV or a roadster. Speculation has grown that the brand could consider a small crossover, a hot market segment in a number of markets.

Asked about the possibility of a roadster, Winkler was unequivocal. "A roadster? Certainly not. I would love to have a roadster and the smart community would love a roadster. Everybody wants to have a roadster but nobody wants to pay the bill. It would be very small volumes, a very high price and would not be profitable."

Winkler told delegates that Daimler's smart brand has a route to higher profitability via the addition of services such as car sharing and its manufacturing partnership with Renault.