DaimlerChrysler's employees council said on Monday that it would oppose the cost-cutting plans of the German-US car maker. The cost-cutting programme planned by the group could entail up to 2,000 job losses out of a total 10,000 in the areas of administration and at the group's legal headquarters in Stuttgart, a member of the employees' council told AFP.

Personnel director, Guenther Fleig, plans to cut administrative costs by 25% over the next three years, the council said.

The measures, which also could affect the company's North American headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, could cut up to 2.2 billion euros (two billion dollars) in costs, the council estimated.

"The employees' council and the employees would not support such measures given the favorable results of the company and the stock option plans for top managers," the council said in a statement.

A number of council members did not rule out demonstrations in the autumn to protest against the plans.

For its part, DaimlerChrysler said on Monday that no concrete measures had yet been decided. End