DaimlerChrysler announced today that in December 2004, the company has doubled the amount of fuel cell vehicles that it currently manages in the United States -- more than any other manufacturer.

Adding to what DC says is already the largest fleet of fuel cell automobiles in the world, the recent U.S. arrivals consist of Mercedes F- Cell passenger cars and medium-duty Dodge Fuel Cell Sprinter Vans. The nineteen vehicles are currently being prepped for customers in California and Michigan.
"DaimlerChrysler is making good on a promise to have 100 fuel cell vehicles by the end of this year," said Andreas Schell, Senior Manager Fuel Cell Systems Advance Vehicle Engineering, Chrysler Group. "We are anxious to play our part to decrease the nation's dependency on oil and increase air quality."

In the State of the Union address last year, President Bush declared his revolutionary hydrogen fuel plan, which searches for a new day in which America's cars and light trucks are fuelled by clean hydrogen-powered fuel cells. President Bush stated, "the first car driven by a child born today could be fuelled by hydrogen and pollution free."

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