Daimler has updated its US market Mercedes/Freightliner Sprinter to as it looks to better compete in the commercial van segment.

The Detroit Free Press said the third-generation 2014 Sprinter is shipped from Germany in kit form for assembly at the Freightliner facility in Charleston, South Carolina.

Bernhard Glaser, managing director of commercial vans for Mercedes-Benz USA, said: "A major change is happening. Core competitors are updating their fleets to Euro-style vans."

The new Sprinter, with additional features and styling updates, would probably achieve record sales in 2014, according to Glaser.

Additional features include a flat hood and new safety features for better lane and parking assistance, collision prevention, blind spot detection and strong wind counteraction. There is also an updated infotainment system, according to Antje Williams, Sprinter brand manager. Prices start at US$37,000.

The company is offering the model with a new four cylinder diesel engine and seven-speed transmission that will enable 18% more fuel efficiency than the six cylinder diesel/five-speed transmission, which will continue to be available for an additional cost of US$910, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Mercedes will launch four-wheel drive for the first time in the US from early 2015.

Mercedes' global commercial vans sales rose to 270,100 in 2013, from 252,400 in 2012. The US is the second largest market, with the company selling around 22,000 units in 2013. So far in 2014, commercial van sales have increased 8% in the US, while Sprinter sales have increased nearly 15%.

Mercedes is thinking of starting sales of the European Citan in the US to compete with the Ford Transit Connect. The company is also considering selling the midsize Mercedes Vito.