Daimler on Tuesday said third quarter and nine month results for 2009 showed cash flow had improved.

"The [automaking] business generated a free cash flow of EUR2.3bn in the first nine months of this year (Q3 2009: EUR2.0bn). Net liquidity thus increased to approximately EUR6.7bn at 30 September, 2009," the automaker said in a statement, without providing comparisons.

Daimler added that free cash flow in the third quarter was affected by an increase in liabilities due to the higher production volume after the production break in August, as well as positive management of accounts receivables.

There was also an impact from payments within the group that were received from the financial services business (EUR0.6bn).

Daimler anticipates a positive free cash flow in full-year 2009.

"These figures surpass analysts' consensus estimates of which the group is currently aware," Daimler said.

Group revenue was EUR19.3bn, while EBIT including adjustments and special items at Freightliner and Fuso was EUR470m in the first nine months of the year (Q3 2009: EUR2.0bn).

Divisions' earnings (EBIT) were: Mercedes-Benz cars: EUR355m; Daimler trucks: EUR127m loss; Mercedes-Benz vans: EUR1m; Daimler Buses: EUR23m; Daimler Financial Services: EUR101m.

No comparisons were provided.

Daimler will publish quarterly financial statements on Tuesday, 27 October.