Automotive market research and forecasting company CSM Worldwide has announced a 'strategic alliance' with the automotive product and technology trends consultant Car-Smart. In a statement, CSM Worldwide said that the aim was 'to strengthen the strategic planning, analysis and forecasting abilities of automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide'.

Craig Cather, president and CEO of CSM, said: "We welcome this opportunity to partner with Car-Smart to enhance our own forecasting capabilities. Car-Smart brings a new analytic dimension to our own very successful formula for serving our clients."

CSM Worldwide says that combining CSM's models with Car-Smart's strategic industry analysis capabilities will 'further empower the alliance's Tier One and OEM clients to successfully respond to future market, product and technology trends, as well as to manage the risk of competitive surprises'.

CSM's operations will continue to be led from its headquarters in Northville, Michigan, while Car-Smart's principals, Gerald Conover and Susan Day, will continue to serve clients through their offices in Michigan and Massachusetts.