Credit Online, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Management Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: CMSS - news) and Auto Town jointly announced today an agreement to interface Credit Online's technology, including its CreditConnection® dealership tools, with Auto Town's suite of DealerTrak software system solutions. The resulting combination will allow automobile dealerships to seamlessly integrate customer information and processing from the moment a prospect enters the dealership through delivery of the vehicle and the resulting accounting and inventory transactions.

CreditConnection allows dealers to access the Credit Online Network, which connects them to credit bureaus and multiple funding sources throughout the U.S. and Canada via the Internet. Whether a customer approaches the dealership from the dealer's Web site or from within the store itself, the dealer can access the credit bureau, submit the application, receive the decision, and monitor the financing process from start to finish. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, CreditConnection delivers real-time connectivity that shortens the credit decision process from days to minutes. In addition, CreditConnection provides a host of analysis and management tools that streamline work in the F&I office and increase productivity in this important dealership profit center.

Auto Town's DealerTrak is a comprehensive dealership management software, or relational database - the first to combine all of a dealership's front-end processes on a single desktop. DealerTrak integrates with existing dealership accounting systems, but adds capabilities to manage Marketing and Sales (including a system to integrate all Internet sales activities), F&I, Inventory Control and CRM (customer relationship management). Additionally, DealerTrak coordinates with over 90 strategic partners such as ADP, Kelley Blue Book, Autobytel and now, Credit Online. Created by auto professionals for auto professionals, DealerTrak was released this year and is already in use at leading dealerships in 10 states across the U.S. Auto Town will launch an international expansion before year-end.

"We're delighted to have Auto Town as our newest partner," said Howard L. Tischler, President and CEO of Credit Online, Inc. "Combining the power of Credit Online with DealerTrak is the latest step in our strategy of joining with other leaders in dealership automation to better serve our dealer and lender customers."

"The ability to utilize the Credit Online network and CreditConnection management tools as part of the DealerTrak solution will help our dealers reach a new level of control and efficiency," said Al Babbington, President and CEO of Auto Town.

About CMSI

Since it was founded in 1987, CMSI has been a premier provider of credit automation software and services, including Internet-based online lending and leasing technology. The Company's e-commerce subsidiary, Credit Online, Inc., credit-enables business-to-business transactions through its Internet gateway and its patented CreditConnection technology, which links credit originators such as automobile dealers and borrowers with an extensive network of leading prime and non-prime lenders. Through its CMSI Systems, Inc. subsidiary, CMSI licenses credit decisioning and other automation systems and services for consumer and business credit that have been the choice of leading lending institutions and numerous other businesses. CreditConnection, CreditOnline, and CreditRevue are trademarks or registered trademarks of Credit Management Solutions, Inc.

About Auto Town

Auto Town, located in Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area, was founded in 1996. It provides software solutions for auto dealerships such as DealerTrak, its most recent release. DealerTrak is a comprehensive management software, or database management system. It integrates with existing systems and coordinates in an 'open' framework with over 90 other strategic partners including ADP, Kelley Blue Book, Autobytel, etc. The system automatically pulls information from these providers and pushes information to them as needed. Sales personnel are tied to DealerTrak for electronic worksheets, credit applications and trade appraisals as well as organized daily work plans, follow-up letters and e-mails. Managers use DealerTrak to monitor sales activity, create custom reports and selectively market their customer and prospect databases.

DealerTrak's customer records benefit everyone by showing complete relationship histories, even summarizing relationships in dollars and cents. Auto Town dealers are reporting reduced transaction time, increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction and significant improvement in net profit.

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