Documentum, a provider of Internet-scale content management solutions for powering e-business applications, announced (20/12/00) that Covisint, the world's largest e-business automotive exchange, will utilize the Documentum 4i eBusiness content management platform. Covisint will rely on the 4i eBusiness Platform to provide eContent management for customers via its specialized Customer Branded Environments (CBEs), which are customer branded extranets within Covisint.

"Covisint will serve thousands of customers conducting a tremendous amount of activity on the exchange, and the eContent management solution we chose had to be reliable, efficient and functional, as well as quick and easy to deploy," said Mark Baughman, Construct Team, Covisint. "The Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform met those requirements and is aligned with Covisint's best-of-breed product focus."

Covisint's customers have an absolute requirement for informational security, and as such the exchange required highly secure content management capabilities that could effectively separate information and automate the processing of content. Documentum's 4i eBusiness Platform enables Covisint to partition its eContent repository, allowing customers to manage their own content at their respective CBEs.

The 4i eBusiness Platform is also used by the e-business exchange itself to separate its eContent repository from those of its customers and accelerate its speed of deployment. Documentum further differentiated its platform by meeting Covisint's requirement for rapid implementation, bringing the platform live just two months after completion of a pilot demonstration. This effective implementation was made possible with the expertise of PricewaterhouseCoopers, a Documentum systems integrator.

"Covisint's success to-date with the 4i eBusiness Platform is a strong testament to the platform's successful scalability, robust feature set, and trusted content capabilities," said Dave De Walt, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Documentum.