Continental is to offer end-to-end cyber security and over-the-air software update solutions from Argus and Elektrobit (EB) pre-integrated into its connected vehicle electronics products, including telematics units, infotainment systems, gateways and more.

"More than 60m connected vehicles will be sold worldwide per year by 2021", said Berger senior partner, Wolfgang Bernhart. 

"Automobile connectivity will allow for additional functions between model upgrades or even during a vehicle's life cycle. That means the automotive industry will have to deal with serious cyber security issues in order to guarantee people's safety in a strongly automated traffic scenario.

"And time is short as the share of connected vehicles is increasing rapidly all over the world, making cars the next big target for cyber attacks after mobile devices."

Continental, Elektrobit and Argus' cyber security philosophy is based on three critical pillars: enabling OEMs to prevent, understand and respond to cyber threats. Continental will now offer solutions from Elektrobit and Argus, providing vehicle manufacturers an end-to-end offering to secure their fleets from current and future cyber threats.

To prevent possible attacks, EB not only provides consultation, but also offers security components for the application layer, hardware-specific security products, Autosar basic software and security solutions for bootloader.

Those components are designed for applications including secure communication, authenticated identification, secure updates and diagnostics and are already on the road in millions of cars today.

Argus provides solutions offering additional prevention from cyber-attacks against the vehicle, as well as the ability to detect and respond to attacks in real-time with Argus Connectivity Protection, installed on telematic and infotainment units and Argus Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) deployed in the in-vehicle network.

Argus Lifespan Protection, an automotive security operations centre, offers an additional layer of prevention, understanding and response by providing OEMs visibility into the cyber health of their fleets, analysis of cross-fleet information to generate insights into the nature of attacks when they happen, identification of emerging threats, and a rapid response to incidents by immunising the fleet.

To react as quickly as possible and install software patches to resolve vulnerabilities in their fleets around the world, vehicle manufacturers can rely on EB's over-the-air software update service EB cadian Sync.

"Just as brakes are imperative for safe driving, connected vehicles require state-of-the-art cyber security as a basic feature. Therefore, we have decided to offer end-to-end cyber security solutions from Argus and Elektrobit in all of our connected vehicle electronics and as a standalone solution for third party products," added Continental head of strategy, Interior Division, Werner Koestler.

"Our multi-layered approach is an end-to-end offering for automotive cyber security, from the development of new products and ongoing monitoring, to the ability to resolve vulnerabilities via over-the-air updates to immunise the fleet from further attacks."

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