As more foreign car manufacturers open assembly plants in the US, the notion of "buying American" has taken on new meaning - and it does not necessary mean buying from the Big Three, according to the new 'American Made Index'.

The index has been compiled to help consumers identify the top 10 vehicles that are truly the most American in terms of their parts, where they're produced and that are popular with US buyers.

Several Toyota vehicles including the Toyota Camry, Camry Solara and the Siena, have made the top 10, alongside models from Ford and GM. No DaimlerChrysler models make the cut.

"As the import-domestic debate rages, some consumers are interested in spending their dollars stateside," said managing editor Patrick Olsen. "While many consumers understand that foreign manufacturers have opened their own assembly plants in the US, many aren't sure which cars are built where and what percentage of the car's parts are domestic."'s American Made Index rates vehicles put together and purchased in the US. Factors include where the cars' parts are made, where the cars are assembled and how many are sold in the US. Eligible models must have a domestic-parts-content rating of 75% or more, the minimum federal standard for a car to be labeled domestic.

 The American Made Index

Make/Model                    US Assembly Location (s)

1.  Ford F-Series*            Dearborn, Mich.; Kansas City, Mo.;

                                         Louisville, Ky.; Norfolk, Va.

2.  Chevrolet Silverado      Fort Wayne, Ind.; Pontiac, Mich.

3.  Toyota Camry**;         Georgetown, Ky.
      Camry Solara

4.  Ford E-Series               Lorain, Ohio

5.  Chevrolet Cobalt           Lordstown, Ohio

6.  Ford Explorer               Louisville, Ky.; St. Louis, Mo.

7.  Chevrolet Malibu          Kansas City, Kan.
     Malibu Maxx

8.  Ford Escape**             Kansas City, Mo.

9.  Toyota Sienna               Princeton, Ind.

10. Chevrolet TrailBlazer***     Moraine, Ohio

 * Excludes Ford F-650, F-750

 ** Excludes hybrid

 *** Excludes discontinued TrailBlazer EXT