The official Peugeot story at the Frankfurt motor show was that the 307 was just a "concept". Yeah, right, guys, that would explain the production-ready components all over it, just like Ford's "concept" Fusion, huh?

Fast forward barely five months and Peugeot UK confirms the glass-roofed seven-seater will join its range in April.

With removable individual rear seats, the new 307 derivative blurs the boundaries between conventional estate cars (UK-speak for station wagon) and MPVs (ditto for minivan) and offers a vast number of different passenger/load configurations as well as continuing a fine Peugeot tradition of Station Wagons Ideal For The School Run - old seven-seat 505s still fetch surprisingly good money in the Old Country.

The 307 hatchback wheelbase has been stretched 10cm to make room for the extra seats and load area and the wagon also has a 1.33 square metre panoramic glass roof which covers the full width of the roof and extends over the front and second row passenger seats.

Athermic glass should ensure passengers stay cool in sunshine, and, for the rare occasions British sun stays around long enough to risk cooking car occupants, there's a full-length electric shutter blind. The system is similar to that developed for top end versions of the popular 206 hatchback.

The 307 wagon also features the biggest windscreen in its class and a third of the total body area is glazed.

Interior detailing includes fold-down tables on the front seat backs, pull out storage drawers under both front seats, air conditioning that chills the glovebox, electric front windows, and an assortment of 12-volt power sockets.

Peugeot UK is offering the 307 SW with petrol 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre engines and 90 bhp and 110 bhp versions of the 2.0-litre HDi turbo diesel.

Maintaining their usual attitude that automatics are for limp-wristed wimps, the French restrict the option of a self-shifting 'Porsche Tiptronic' (-like) gearbox to the equally wimpy petrol 1.6, unlike the hatch which also offers a two-litre version.

Front, side and curtain airbags are standard along with active front seat backrests, emergency brake assist and three-point retractable seatbelts for all seven seats.