CGI initiative aims to speed the transition to electric drive

CGI initiative aims to speed the transition to electric drive

An organisation looking to stimulate mass market adoption of plug-in electric vehicles in North America, has unveiled an action plan today (21 September) as part of green mobility commitments.

The commitments were announced at the Clinton Global Initiative's (CGI) - 2010 sixth annual meeting in New York - set up by the President of same name.

The Electric Drive Transportation Association's (EDTA) Plug-in Electric Vehicle Acceleration Initiative will provide a range of education and programmes to extend demand beyond first adopters.

The initiative includes elements such as: a website with input from more than 60 companies and organisations concerning owning and operating plug-in electric vehicles; inter-industry and inter-governmental collaborations as well as educational materials about electric vehicles for state and local officials, first responders, fleet operators, building owners and managers and retailers among others.

"This initiative aims to speed the transition to electric drive and help us achieve the full environmental, economic and national security benefits of electrifying the transportation sector," said EDTA president Brian Wynne.

"Transportation accounts for one-third of the greenhouse gases produced in the US. Even with our existing electric grid, plug-in electric vehicles on average reduce emissions by one-third, with greater reductions achieved when vehicles are recharged from hydro-electric, nuclear or renewable energy sources such as wind and solar."

As part of its commitment made at the CGI, EDTA will recruit foundations, companies and other organisations to support the initiative.

EDTA also will be providing regular updates on progress.

Some 20,000 vehicle charging stations are being installed across the US as part of the Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

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