In-car systems specialist Clarion has launched Road Explorer, a highly sophisticated yet simple to use in-car navigation system that sets new standards in a rapidly developing field.

Recently rated top out of 18 navigation systems tested in Europe by German magazine Auto Connect, Road Explorer combines Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), CD-ROM and high-speed computer technologies to guide the driver effortlessly and accurately to any chosen location. A wealth of useful information is also provided along the route, such as the location of the nearest service stations, cash points, car parks and hotels.

Commenting, Graham Chase, Aftermarket Sales Manager said:

"Road Explorer represents an important milestone for in-car systems. We have developed a powerful, practical tool that is easy to use and delivers real stress reducing and safety benefits to drivers. Anyone who has ever tried to find an address in a strange place, maybe alone in the car, in heavy traffic, in the dark or in bad weather, will know just how stressful it can be. Road Explorer takes away all the stress, helping to make driving pleasurable again."

Ease of use is fundamental to Road Explorer's success. The driver simply enters a target address or postcode, and the system provides calm voice instructions well in advance of each turning - guiding the car to the target within a few metres. As the system always 'knows' where it is, it is impossible to be lost, even in an unfamiliar city centre. At the touch of a single button, Road Explorer will guide the driver straight home from any location in the country. The system can even instantly work out an alternative route to beat traffic jams.

Road Explorer is available from specialist car hi-fi dealers, priced at around £1500.