Citroën has begun a new project to consider the feasibility of producing an 'ultra-environmentally friendly vehicle' based on the C-Cactus concept displayed at the Paris show.

The "radical, essentialist" vehicle, with emphasis on environmental technology, has a simplified design throughout, significantly reducing the number of components and leading to a reduction in weight, cost and consequent impact on the environment, Citroen said.

Removing features not essential to the running of the car or the comfort and safety of the occupants - even doing away with the dashboard - has resulted in an interior comprising around half the parts of a similarly-sized conventional car.

The door panels are made of just two parts, compared to 12 in a conventional car, and many components are made from recycled materials.

The project will consider a range of engines including a one litre, sub-100g/km CO2, petrol unit; a HYmotion2 diesel - electric hybrid returning near 100mpg fuel economy and CO2 emissions of just 78g/km or a 100% electric model, similar to the version on display at the Paris motor show, which offers zero emissions together with a top speed and range of almost 70mph (110km) and 100 miles (160km) respectively.