The Chrysler Hemi 300C convertible will probably see production, Automotive News reported, citing DaimlerChrysler senior vice president of design Trevor Creed.

The newspaper asked Creed about the concept model's chances of production and was told that "it stands a very good chance". But Creed cautioned that no one could say when until Chrysler restructures its business plan, details of which are expected on February 26.

The Hemi 300C convertible concept was introduced at the 2000 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Asked his opinion of the many concept vehicles unveiled at the 2001 show, Creed told Automotive News that automotive designers have continued a two-year trend in retro styling.

"We're on the leading edge in a renaissance of American design," Creed said. "As our population ages, we remember some of the designs that define our youth. By God, we'd like to have those again today."

Creed noted that automotive designers aren't the only ones returning to earlier time periods for designs. The trend is happening with clothing, food, wine and architecture as well, he told the newspaper.