Chrysler sales outside North America had surpassed 2006 total sales by more than 9,000 units by the end of November, the automaker said on Tuesday.

Year-to-date sales increased 16% over the same period in 2006 to 216,214 units while November sales grew 4% year on year to 19,588 units.

"Global customers are responding positively to our broadened product portfolio," said international sales chief Michael Manley. "Our growth in all regions demonstrates that this success is balanced among these markets, and not dependent on the industry trends of any one region."

The Middle East/Northern Africa region saw the greatest improvements as November sales almost doubled to 2,006 units, and year-to-date sales increased 68% to 19,177 units.

Jeep models accounted for a large portion of the growth in this region, Chrysler said, adding that PT Cruiser sales in the region have increased more than 10 times to reach 3,509 units year-to-date.

Jeep brand sales continued, with an increase of 14% year-to-date (88,009 units) outside North America. Dodge sales have passed 50,000 units so far in 2007, and have roughly doubled last year's sales during the same time period. Chrysler brand sales have declined for the year, however, though the revised Voyager (Town & Country) minivan line is just being launched in overseas markets.