Fiat-Chrysler is adding 'Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning-Plus' as an option for 2015 model year Dodge Charger and Chrysler 200 sedans and the Jeep Cherokee.

Radar and camera technology combine to determine if a frontal impact with another vehicle is imminent. The two must agree, or the system will not activate. Such redundancy is designed to prevent false-positive readings more prevalent with competitive systems that use either radar or camera technology, the automaker said.

If the system detects an imminent frontal impact, appears imminent, it pre-fills the vehicle's brakes and transmits two simultaneous warnings to alert the driver that intervention is required. One warning is audible.

If there is no driver response, the system triggers a brief brake application as an additional alert. If the driver remains unresponsive and the collision risk remains, the vehicle's brakes are applied to slow forward progress. This intervention is intended to provide more driver-reaction time and, if there is no response, help reduce crash energy in the event of a collision.

If the driver responds with inadequate brake-force, the system triggers brake assist which automatically increases brake force for improved performance. If the driver has not responded, the collision risk remains, brakes will be automatically applied to slow the vehicle. This also helps reduce crash energy.

If an imminent collision is detected at speeds below 20mph, the system may deploy maximum brake force and bring the vehicle to a full stop.

Chrysler also now offers lane departure warning with lane-keep assist and adaptive cruise control with full stop.

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