Chrysler has extended to 7 July its US 'Let's Refuel America' US$2.99 a gallon petrol price guarantee programme.

The deal, which offers new vehicle buyers the opportunity to lock in their petrol purchases at $2.99 a gallon (the current US average is around $3.50) for three years or up to 36,000 miles, was launched on 7 May for this month only but, Chrysler said in a statement, has now been extended for a second month in response to dealer and customer demand for additional time.

Chrysler added: "Even before the full impact of the national and local advertising has been realised, the [programme] already has created a high level of word-of-mouth consumer awareness, with increased traffic coming into [our] 3,511 dealerships and onto [our] web sites. After one week, Chrysler's web site activity is up 25% versus the previous week, with internet leads increasing by 34%."

"Customers and dealers across America have told us they like the gas guarantee incentive option, so we are providing a second month for shoppers to take advantage of it," said the automaker's chairman and president Jim Press.

The cheap(er) fuel deal is available for most Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge models but excludes high-performance vehicles such as the Dodge Viper and newly-launched Challenger, Chrysler Crossfire and the entire SRT line as well as the Dodge Sprinter and Ram chassis cab, and the Jeep Wrangler.

Customers who purchase or lease an eligible vehicle have a choice of one of three incentive packages of similar value: cash back, 0% financing or the petrol price guarantee programme, which on some vehicles also includes up to $3,000 additional cash back.