New incentives were announced (2/8/00) for Chrysler, Jeep(R), Dodge and Plymouth vehicles, which include consumer cash back and APR financing, and in some cases, both.The new incentives end October 2,2000.

"This is a measured response to a rapidly changing marketplace,"said Theodor Cunningham, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. "It is very competitive out there, and we are moving forward quickly with an aggressive plan."

Cunningham said that a number of factors, including unprecedented product changeover and competitive actions, led to the company to revise its incentive strategy.

This fall, the Chrysler Group will replace a full one-third of its product line with all new vehicles, including the 2000 Chrysler Town & Country and Voyager, the Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan.

"We set aggressive launch curves for our redesigned 2001 products utilizing our new flexible manufacturing program," said Cunningham.

"The bottom line is that we were able to ramp up production on these new minivans more quickly than anyone anticipated, and now it is time to clean out our 2000 inventories.

"There has never been a better time to buy a minivan," said Cunningham.

"We have increased our consumer cash on every minivan by $1,000. Consumers can now get up to $3,000 back on our class-leading minivans as well as some of the most attractive APRs in the industry."