BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer has told just-auto that China's regulatory clampdown of aftermarket parts and services prices is not having a big effect on the company's business there.

Speaking at the company's MINI brand manufacturing site at Oxford, he said that the actions of China's regulatory authorities - which has fined a number of companies as it has investigated anti-competitive practices - had not taken BMW by surprise.

"For us it wasn't a surprise. We have been discussing this with government institutions over the last several years," Schwarzenbauer said.

BMW and a number of other vehicle manufacturers have announced price reductions on parts in China as the government's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) moved to investigate automotive aftermarkets parts and services prices. A number of companies - most notably parts makers, but including some vehicle makers and distributors - have been found to be engaged in anti-competitive practices and fined as a result.

"We did some adjustments on the parts pricing, but it is not having a big effect on our business currently," Schwarzenbauer maintained.

"They are saying 'this is what we want in our country' and companies have to adjust to this. For us it was not a surprise and it was already clear that the government was going to go in this direction."