Holden Malibu engineering prototype

Holden Malibu engineering prototype

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Holden will launch a uniquely-styled version of the rest of the world's Chevrolet Malibu sedan, images just issued by the Australian division of GM reveal.

The D-segment sedan will slot into the Holden range below the full sized Commodore sedan.

A statement from Holden notes that "a number of engineering vehicles [have recently arrived] in Australia". Suspension and transmission settings will be fine-tuned for the country's "unique and varied" conditions.

"The early production Holden Malibus are in town to continue months of rigorous local and global development and validation work ahead of the vehicle's 2013 launch", the statement adds.

The new car marks the return to unique front ends for Holdens which are sourced from GM plants in Asia. The brand's most recently launched model, the Colorado ute, caused much comment for having its body-coloured Chevrolet grille carried over with just a Holden lion attached where Chevy's stylised bow tie symbol had been.

For the Malibu, the Chevrolet grille has been replaced by a fresh design that includes the same honeycomb black backing but incorporates a larger chrome-effect top bar and the Holden lion.

The Holden Malibu is to be sourced from GM Korea's Bupyeong plant. It will come down the same line as the local market's Chevrolet Malibu. The car is also built at two plants in the US (Fairfax, Kansas and Detroit-Hamtramck, Michigan), and assembled in China (Jingjiao, Shanghai) and Uzbekistan (Asaka).

Author: Glenn Brooks

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Holden is one step closer to launching the much anticipated new mid-sized sedan, Malibu with the arrival of a number of engineering vehicles in to Australia.

The early production Holden Malibus are in town to continue months of rigorous local and global development and validation work ahead of the vehicle’s 2013 launch.

Holden engineers are responsible for determining a unique vehicle dynamics package including suspension tuning for local customers, and transmission calibrations for the local and global market.

The work is being carried out through extensive evaluation testing at Holden’s proving ground in Lang Lang and numerous verification drives on Victorian public roads.

Holden Director of Integration and Safety, Ian Butler said it was great for Holden engineers to get their hands on these vehicles so they could continue to tailor the vehicle to Australian customers’ tastes.

“Our engineers have paid close attention to the vehicle’s driving dynamics, ride and handling, suspension and comfort so Malibu will be sure to meet the discerning needs of drivers in this competitive segment,” Mr Butler said.

“This is a fantastic global car but of course we want to make sure that it goes on sale with plenty of Holden input to ensure it suits Australia's unique and varied road conditions.”

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