Chery Auto has announced plans to phase out the Rely and Riich divisions, each of which was launched in 2009. That leaves Chery as the sole brand for passenger vehicles and Karry for LCVs.

As per the company's new strategy, its so-called A series models (Chery A4, A3) will be aimed at younger buyers. There will be an emphasis on hi-tech features. The forthcoming E series cars, of which the Chery E5 will be the first, are intended to be practical models for families. There have been rumours of these plans for some time, but finally Chery has made an official announcement as it prepares to reveal new cars at this Saturday's Shanghai motor show media preview day.

Despite having taken the axe to multiple models as part of this new strategy, the A and E series lines will each include four types of models: mini cars (represented by the new QQ), SUVs (represented by the Tiggo), MPVs, and sedans/hatchbacks.

The doomed Rely and Riich models will be phased out over time, rather than killed off immediately.

Author: Glenn Brooks