The Russian ministry of industry and energy has submitted draft technical regulations to the government, phasing in ecological requirements for automotive vehicles, Novecon reports.

Within six months after the signing of the document, all vehicles, manufactured in Russia and imported, must comply with Euro-2 requirements.

However, many Russian car manufacturers are not prepared to meet the Euro-2 standard. In the passenger car segment, plants producing VAZ rear-wheel drive vehicles, Oka and Izh, will encounter serious problems. For example, AvtoVAZ said that converting these models from Euro-0 to Euro-2 will require installing a fuel injection engine and catalyst, which will add on average $500 to the cost.

Manufacturers of Oka - Severstal Auto and Avtocom - will try to modernize the compact with the help of a Chinese engine, the report said.

The report added that all passenger cars of the Ulyanovsk Auto Plant (UAZ) will be fitted with the ZMZ engine, conforming to Euro-2, starting in 2006. Consequently, the cheapest UAZ Hunter will become more expensive by $1,000, the report said.