Figures from the SMMT show that car production rose by 6% year-on-year to 112,798 units in October.

The cumulative car production total for the first ten months is 1,050,689 units, 31.1% ahead of last year.

“UK vehicle production rose 8.8% in October and signals steady improvement in global vehicle markets and the strength of the UK product line-up,” said SMMT chief executive, Paul Everitt.

“It is extremely important that government continues to champion the role of vehicle manufacturing in rebalancing the national economy and works with the automotive industry to create conditions for increased investment in R&D, skills and capital equipment. Industry’s focus on low carbon technology and its global reach can help generate the private sector growth the country needs.”

Commercial vehicle production was up by 47.1% in October to 11,674 units. Year-to-date CV output to the end of October stood at 103,201 units, 39% ahead of the same period of last year.