The French light vehicle market was relatively flat in August, with 138,195 registrations of passenger cars and light trucks, up 0.4% on the same month a year ago. The French trade association, the CCFA, notes that the number of working days this August compared to a year ago was the same (22).

One of the biggest gainers in August was the Fiat Group with sales up almost 40% to 4,807 units, giving it a 4.2% market share. This compares with 4.4% for GM Europe and 5.4% for Ford Group.

Year-to-date the market is also flat with sales up 0.9% to 1,666,409 light vehicle registrations.

Some 113,969 passenger cars were registered in August (+0.1%). For the first time since January 2005, sales by French brands grew (+0.6%), while import brands declined (-0.4%), according to the CCFA. However, Renault light vehicles sales were in fact down by over 7%. Only Citroen recorded significant growth with total brand sales up 12.7% in August.

Year-to-date the car market is down by 1.9% to 1,374,747 units.

Light commercial vehicles registrations (<5tonnes) were up 1.6% to 24,226 units in August. This bring year-to-date sales to 291,622, up 3.9% on a year earlier.

The over 5 tonne truck market (excluding buses & coaches) was up 7.2% in August to 3,704 units. Year-to-date the market is down 3.3% to 35,150 units.