Indian parts maker Motherson Sumi Systems has entered into a joint venture with Calsonic Kansei to make automotive air-conditioners.

The two companies would invest INR100m together in the first phase, with Motherson holding 49% in the venture and Calsonic the rest, Calsonic, a group supplier to Nissan Motor, told Reuters in a statement.

The joint venture, to be called Calsonic Kansei Motherson Auto Products would start production in 2009 and have revenue of about INR500m in the year to March 2010, Motherson chief operating officer Pankaj Mital told the news agency in an interview.

The venture, which would use Calsonic technology, would produce air conditioners for Japanese car makers in India, Motherson said in a statement cited by Reuters.

Toyota, Honda and Suzuki Motor already make cars in India and Nissan Motor is part of a consortium that is setting up a plant there.

"This is the initial investment. We will gradually scale up and include other products as well," Mital told Reuters.

Calsonic also makes power train cooling products, exhaust systems, body control modules, cockpits and other interior components while Motherson makes wiring harness and other interior products and tooling and runs 11 joint ventures with seven partners, Reuters noted.