System allows drivers to purchase fuel via the infotainment system without using a credit card or smartphone app

System allows drivers to purchase fuel via the infotainment system without using a credit card or smartphone app

Owners of some Buick models can now pay for fuel at ExxonMobil service stations using their vehicles' infotainment systems.

A new update to Marketplace, the industry's first in-vehicle commerce platform, brings ExxonMobil' s pay for fuel functionality to the infotainment screen, allowing drivers to pay for fuel from their vehicle without swiping their credit card or using their smartphone.

The platform also automatically syncs drivers to their ExxonMobil Speedpass+ app account, and drivers accumulate rewards points with each purchase.

The new service is available at more than 11,000 Exxon or Mobil stations across the US.

"Our goal with Marketplace is to help make everyday tasks as easy as possible for our customers so they can focus on enjoying time spent in their vehicles," said Rick Ruskin, Marketplace line of business head at Buick.

"Bringing the ExxonMobil pay for fuel functionality right on the touchscreen of our vehicles is the latest advancement of this platform, allowing drivers to easily access Speedpass+ and securely pay for gas while inside their car."

This service is ExxonMobil's first fully embedded in-vehicle fuel payment offering and requires fewer steps than other fuel payment features on the market. To use the platform to pay at the pump, users will first press an icon within Marketplace, which identifies the station location. The driver will be prompted to select the pump number and confirm their payment method. The pump will be activated and they can start fueling.

If drivers don't have an Exxon Mobil Speedpass+ app account, they can automatically enroll at no extra cost through Marketplace. The ability to securely pay for fuel and locate the nearest Exxon or Mobil station are all functions of the platform.

"ExxonMobil continuously looks for opportunities to better serve its customers," said Devin Miller, Americas digital app development manager for the suel company. "We rolled out mobile payment options to our US network in 2015 and we are continuing to innovate and simplify our consumer experience by partnering with General Motors."