Budget Group, Inc. (NYSE: BD - news) released its second quarter 2000 results today, reporting earnings per share of $0.27 and net income of $9.9 million. In the prior year second quarter, earnings per share from continuing operations were $0.42 on a diluted basis and net income was $16.1 million. Continuing operations include results from the Company's core car and truck rental operations.

During the quarter, Budget Group made significant progress on its restructuring plan to sell non-core assets and focus on its core car and truck rental operations:

  • The Company has franchised all its remaining corporate-owned Budget Car Sales retail facilities and sold its ownership interest in its car sales joint venture with Triangle Automotive Group, LLC. In April, the Company sold its two Ford dealerships. Additionally, the Company has reached an agreement to sell its remaining Chrysler dealership, and this sale is expected to close in the third quarter, pending final approval from DaimlerChrysler Corporation. These transactions will mark Budget Group's successful exit as an owner-operator of retail car sales businesses. There are now 57 royalty fee-paying Budget Car Sales franchise locations in the U.S.

  • Budget Group has reached an agreement in principle to sell Cruise America, its recreational vehicle rental and sales subsidiary. The Company also entered into an agreement in principle to sell VPSI, its commuter van pooling operation. Both sales are expected to close by September, subject to Hart-Scott-Rodino review and customary closing conditions.

  • "We have passed some key milestones in our restructuring efforts. With the pending sales of non-core assets, we will have achieved our goal to focus entirely on our core car and truck rental businesses. In aggregate, the sales of the non-core assets, including the previously announced sales of other Budget Car Sales locations and our Licensee Leasing Program, will generate approximately $140 million in cash and notes to free up capital for investment in our core operations," said Sandy Miller, Chairman and CEO, Budget Group, Inc.

    Revenue for the domestic Car Rental segment increased 12.1% to $407.0 million for the second quarter 2000, compared to $363.0 million in the prior year. Second quarter operating income from the domestic Car Rental segment increased 53.4%, reaching $81.5 million compared to $53.2 million in second quarter 1999. This follows on the 67% increase achieved in first quarter 2000.

    Budget Group President and Chief Operating Officer Mark Sotir noted, "Domestic car rental operations continue to show strong improvements in operating fundamentals and profitability. Our efforts to take costs out of the business and increase our fleet utilization and labor productivity also continue to deliver improved profit margins."

    Revenue for the Truck Rental segment increased 5.1% for the quarter to $197.5 million. This compares to $187.8 million in the second quarter 1999. For the quarter, the Truck Rental segment earned operating income of $29.7 million, in line with prior year second quarter operating income of $30.0 million.

    "During the quarter we sold nearly 2,500 trucks marshaled for disposal. We are very focused on bringing our fleet capacity more closely in line with demand and will continue efforts to reduce the size of our truck fleet to maximize utilization throughout the balance of the year," noted Sotir.

    "We continue to aggressively drive cost reductions throughout Budget Group," added Sotir. "We are on target for our headcount eliminations and have significantly reduced selling, general and administrative expenses through cost-control measures and other personnel savings. We are also seeing initial cost savings from our Budget and Ryder TRS consolidation efforts."

    International Car Rental operations posted a revenue increase of 25%, reaching $72.5 million in the second quarter. The costs from locations opened or acquired in the previous year within Europe adversely impacted operating margins. The Company reported an operating loss of $9.6 million from the international Car Rental segment during second quarter 2000, compared to operating income of $2.6 million for the same period in 1999.

    Miller noted, "With North American car rental operations realizing the benefits of our turnaround efforts and strategic initiatives under way in our Truck Group, we are taking definitive actions to stem international losses. Although expansion efforts and receivables issues from European system conversions continue to be a drain on earnings, we are making significant progress to ensure that these problems do not continue into 2001. Additionally, we are evaluating various alternatives to improve our results in Europe including a model that will reduce our capital investment, increase our royalty fee base and allow us to maintain a strong brand presence in the international marketplace."

    Budget Group, Inc. owns Budget Rent a Car Corporation and Ryder TRS, Inc. Budget is the world's third largest car and truck rental system and Ryder TRS is the nation's second largest consumer truck rental company. For more information, visit the Company's web site at www.bgi.com.

    Statements made in this press release that are not historical in nature may include 'forward-looking statements' within the meaning of the federal securities laws. It is important to note that these statements involve a number of risks, uncertainties and other factors, such as customary closing conditions which could delay the closing of transactions, or which could cause Budget Group, Inc.'s actual results to differ materially from those projected in such forward-looking statements. Additional information concerning such matters is contained in the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 1999, and other documents subsequently filed by the Company with the SEC, all of which are available from the SEC.



    Period Ending June 30

    (in thousands)

    2nd quarter             Year to Date
    2000 1999 2000 1999

    Vehicle rental $619,185 $557,336 $1,160,542 $1,026,803
    Royalty fees and
    other 27,616 29,906 50,978 54,274
    Total operating
    revenue 646,801 587,242 1,211,520 1,081,077

    Direct vehicle and
    operating 239,299 215,193 482,979 419,231
    Depreciation -
    vehicle 145,526 134,563 288,408 263,390
    Selling, general and
    administrative 150,235 140,249 304,547 272,046
    Amortization and
    depreciation 20,722 17,834 41,041 34,327
    Total operating
    expenses 555,782 507,839 1,116,975 988,994

    OPERATING INCOME 91,019 79,403 94,545 92,083

    Vehicle interest, net 58,444 41,405 107,232 83,704
    Other interest, net 8,017 6,725 17,956 7,196
    Total other expense 66,461 48,130 125,188 90,900

    INCOME TAXES 24,558 31,273 (30,643) 1,183
    Provision (benefit)
    for income taxes 9,935 10,388 (20,009) (4,607)
    Distribution on trust
    preferred securities 4,687 4,804 9,375 9,427

    CONTINUING OPERATIONS 9,936 16,081 (20,009) (3,637)

    OF (Net of income taxes) -- 131 -- (3,201)

    NET INCOME (LOSS) $9,936 $16,212 $(20,009) $(6,838)

    2nd quarter Year to Date
    2000 1999 2000 1999

    Weighted average
    number of shares
    outstanding - Basic 37,250,000 35,902,000 37,249,000 35,879,000

    Basic EPS - Income
    (loss) from
    continuing operations $0.27 $0.45 $(0.54) $(0.10)

    Basic EPS - Income
    (loss) from operations
    of discontinued
    segments to be disposed
    of (Net of income taxes) -- $0.00 -- $(0.09)

    Basic EPS - Net Income
    (loss) $0.27 $0.45 $(0.54) $(0.19)

    Weighted average
    number of shares
    outstanding -
    Diluted 37,250,000 46,818,000 37,249,000 35,879,000

    Diluted EPS - Income
    (loss) from
    continuing operations $0.27 $0.42 $(0.54) $(0.10)

    Diluted EPS - Income
    (loss) from operations
    of discontinued
    segments to be disposed
    of (Net of income taxes) -- $0.00 -- $(0.09)

    Diluted EPS - Net
    Income (loss) $0.27 $0.42 $(0.54) $(0.19)

    Period Ending June 30
    (in thousands)
    2nd quarter Year to Date
    2000 1999 2000 1999

    Car Rental - Domestic $406,972 $362,969 $780,360 $689,791
    Car Rental -
    International 72,543 58,048 140,920 107,747
    Truck Rental 197,501 187,829 347,507 325,617
    Eliminations (30,215) (21,604) (57,267) (42,078)
    Total Revenue $646,801 $587,242 $1,211,520 $1,081,077

    Car Rental - Domestic $81,544 $53,162 $119,121 $75,671
    Car Rental -
    International (9,556) 2,550 (29,246) 2,387
    Truck Rental 29,693 29,996 21,348 25,025
    Corporate Overhead (10,662) (6,305) (16,678) (11,000)
    Total Operating Income $91,019 $79,403 $94,545 $92,083



    North America - Cars
    2000 CHANGE FROM

    Average Fleet 123,465 9.5%
    Utilization 83.4% 20 bps
    Rental Days 9,368,780 9.7%
    Daily Dollar Average $40.13 1.3%
    Rental Revenue $375,952,000 11.2%
    Transactions 2,231,812 11.1%
    Revenue Per Unit $1,015 1.5%
    Length of Rental 4.20 -1.2%

    North America - Trucks (Ryder & Budget)
    2000 CHANGE FROM

    Average Fleet 47,550 8.4%
    Utilization 51.4% -150 bps
    Rental Days 2,224,695 5.4%
    Daily Dollar Average $84.78 0.4%
    Rental Revenue $188,616,000 5.8%
    Transactions 702,653 -2.6%
    Revenue Per Unit $1,322 -2.4%
    Length of Rental 3.17 8.2%