- The auto themes of tomorrow and the multitude of possibilities that lie ahead for powertrain development in the industry are investigated by just-auto.com.

In the feature found at http://www.justauto.com/features_detail.asp?art=288, entitled 'Where to next' (author CSM Worldwide), just-auto.com analyses the issues that lie ahead in the auto sector and poses the question: what themes are leading the auto industry forward?

The feature assesses issues such as platform, component and engine-sharing, present and future technologies, and the main issue dictating the auto-industry agenda both in Europe and the US: fuel, and the respective Governments' policies regarding fuel tax.

The article also analyses the interesting dichotomy between consumer, government and manufacturer when it comes to who actually controls the future of bi-fuelling.

just-auto.com Managing Editor, David Leggett says: "This feature offers a forward-looking and very timely analysis of something that is at the heart of the future of the automobile. The CSM Worldwide analysis makes for a very thoughtful and provocative read."

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