UK based Alba Diagnostics Ltd, manufacturer of the Worlds Number One Brake Fluid Tester have appointed ABW (USA) Distribution as its exclusive importer/distributer for the US market. Managing Director Stewart Whitton commented that "Our Brake Fluid Tester sales are growing fast in the US and it is important that we have the expertise on the ground to offer service,support & product to our US customers when they need it". Ivan Forte Vice President of ABW (USA) Distribution commented that "there is a growing awareness of the dangers with old brake fluid and the need to test and change brake fluid periodically. This device quickly allows the technician to accurately test the condition of the brake fluid. He can then make an accurate recomendation to the customer to flush their fluid or not based on a digital results. No guesswork, comparing colour test strips or comparators but an accurate digital readout of the condition of the fluid in the vehicle".

Brake Fluid is designed to have a high boiling point but unfortunately it also absorbs moisture from the air. The more moisture in the system the less effective your brakes become. Only 3% moisture in the system can drop the boiling point to below the recommended safety levels, specified by the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). At this point, under certain braking conditions, the brake fluid could boil resulting in complete brake failure. Regular brake fluid checks and flushes will increase road safety and offers additional service opportunities to technicians.