Bosch has made the second generation Common Rail high-pressure direct diesel injection system ready for production. The company claims that this will make diesel engines even more economic, clean and quiet.

In the second generation of Common Rail, a new pump, this time controlled from the intake side, generates pressure more effectively, helping increase pressure in the rail from the current level of around 1300 bar (17,400 psi) to 1600 bar (over 23,000 psi).

In addition, a more efficient control unit shortens the interval between pre-injection and main injection and the injectors themselves are manufactured to finer tolerances.

Bosch says that 'these improvements combine to create a finer, more accurately measured and timed mixture spray in the combustion chamber, significantly reducing unburned fuel, giving second generation Common Rail the potential to meet future emission guidelines such as Euro IV.'

Since Bosch started production of the first generation of Common Rail four years ago, more than 5 million systems have come off the company's lines.

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