Bosch is strengthening its research and development activities in the US.

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the company has opened its expanded development centre at a new, central location after having outgrown its previous facilities. Measuring almost 5,000 square metres, the technology centre offers space for some 200 workers.

"Pittsburgh is one of the smartest cities in the US. It is known for its innovative strength and start-up culture," said Mike Mansuetti, president of Bosch in North America, at the official opening ceremony in mid-September. "Pooling our activities at an attractive location gives us ideal conditions for further positive development. The company is banking first and foremost on its highly qualified associates and its long-standing local partnerships, especially with the renowned Carnegie Mellon University," Mansuetti added.

Some 130 people now work at the new location. Until recently, they had been based at various buildings throughout the city. The location focuses on developing internet and security technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition to basic research, which has been based in Pittsburgh since 1999, the new location also houses the Bosch subsidiary Akustica, which develops and markets MEMS microphones. The market for these tiny high-performance microphones – which can be found in smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other devices – continues to grow rapidly.

Plymouth: key Bosch technologies for the mobility of the future

Bosch also recently expanded its technical centre in Plymouth, Michigan, strengthening its development activities in the Mobility Solutions business sector. The focus here is on key technologies for the mobility of the future, such as automotive electronics as well as driver assistance and safety systems. The expansion has doubled the size of the engineering centre, which was established in 2007, to 41,000 square metres. Situated just under six miles away from Bosch's North American regional headquarters in Farmington Hills, the location now offers space for around 1,400 workers and 1,200 already work there today.