Bosch and the Antenne Bayern radio station aim to eliminate road fatalities caused by wrong-way drivers.

This partnership will allow Antenne Bayern to integrate Bosch's cloud-based wrong-way driver warning into its app for radio listeners. Bosch says the solution rapidly warns both wrong-way drivers and all other road users in the vicinity; a push message gives everybody a chance to react in time.

German radio broadcasts warn listeners of approximately 2,000 wrong-way drivers annually. On average, wrong-way drivers kill 20 people in the country each year. Drivers who use exit lanes to enter the freeway account for 46% of wrong-way accidents.

Nearly one-third of such incidents end after the wrong-way driver has travelled only 500 metres – in the worst case with fatal consequences. Clearly, every second counts when someone drives the wrong way, Bosch notes. With the help of the Antenne Bayern app and its 250,000 active unique users, the nationwide radio station can immediately warn listeners throughout the country of hazardous situations caused by wrong-way drivers. This has been made possible thanks to an app function developed by Bosch.

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