BorgWarner will unveil its technologies for electrified vehicles at 11th EV Japan 2020, to be held from 15-17 January in Tokyo as part of Automotive World 2020.

The company's range of e-mobility products will include electric motors, battery and transmission technologies, power electronics, eTurbo technology and thermal management systems.

"There are rapid changes happening in the automotive industry, especially in the electrification segment," said BorgWarner government affairs VP, Scott Gallett. "BorgWarner is actively developing next-generation electrification technologies with our customers to support the evolution of mobility.

"We offer a range of solutions for various combustion, hybrid and electric vehicle propulsion systems."

To bolster its product portfolio for electric vehicles, BorgWarner formed a joint venture with Romeo Power Technology in May, 2019 to develop battery packs for electric vehicles. These packs feature standard cylindrical cells in compact designs for energy density.

Developed with proprietary thermal engineering and battery management expertise, they aim to provide range and performance capability. The scalable designs can be tailored to customer needs.

The company's integrated drive module (iDM) combines power electronics with an electric motor and transmission technology in an integrated systems solution. The on- and off-axis P2 hybrid modules provide vehicle manufacturers with the flexibility to convert their existing combustion-powered vehicles to hybrid applications without having to change the motor or transmission by placing the electric motor where they have space in existing architectures, either on- or off-axis.

Using BorgWarner's S-wind wire-forming process to create the motor, the P2 drive module produces high power and torque densities in a compact package. BorgWarner´s 48V solution equally facilitates fast-to-market hybridisation by enabling pure electric driving as well as hybrid functionalities such as stop/start and regenerative braking.

Showcased alongside these innovations is the eTurbo, a turbocharger with integrated power electronics and a motor-generator attached to the same single shaft as the turbine. When functioning as a motor it assists the turbine to provide supplemental boost air to the engine.

When more turbine energy is generated from the exhaust flow than required, it functions as a generator and the excess exhaust energy is converted to electrical energy.

The electrical function can also be turned off to return it to a standard turbocharger function. The eTurbo can be an important solution to help meet Euro 7 legislation and regulations.

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