BorgWarner Morse TEC will provide complete chain-based systems for Nissan V6 and V8 engines from December 2002.

The timing systems will incorporate Morse TEC's small-pitch silent timing chains and combined volume for the V6 and V8 programmes will be approximately 500,000 units.

Nissan models equipped with V6 engines include the Altima and Maxima sedans and the Quest minivan. V8 engines, introduced after the V6, will be available in the new pickup and SUV that Nissan is building in Canton, Mississippi.

"We're pleased to announce this business, our first systems business with Nissan, which reflects the trend toward the use of silent chain over belts in the world engine market," said BorgWarner Morse TEC President and General Manager Roger Wood.

Benefits of small-pitch silent timing chains include reduced noise and vibration and improved packaging, durability and fuel efficiency, the company said.