BorgWarner says its latest High Voltage Hairpin (HVH) electric motor, the HVH 320, is ready to power a variety of hybrid and electric applications for commercial vehicle manufacturers, including an unnamed European OEM.

Production of the HVH 320, which is equipped with 800-volt capabilities and available in four variants, is expected to start in 2024.

Its platform will support the manufacturers' goal of a common electric drivetrain and deliver around 97% peak efficiency and more than 400kW of power.

"Adding the HVH 320 to our electric motor family bolsters our offerings and is an excellent example of BorgWarner's commitment to delivering clean propulsion technologies that match market needs," said BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems president and GM, Stefan Demmerle.

"Using our 800-volt rated machine, customers can significantly reduce charging time and achieve a higher power density, enabling an even brighter future for electric trucks."

BorgWarner leveraged its decade-plus of motor production to design four variants of its modular and flexible HVH 320 motor platform to meet the customer's requirements. The motor reaches a torque output of up to 1270 Nm. Also, the technology supports the vehicle's shifting sequence and charges the battery by generating power while braking or driving downhill.

The HVH 320 motor is the newest addition to BorgWarner's portfolio of HVH series motors, which are offered to both light-duty passenger cars and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The motors feature patented stator winding technology and are available as fully housed motors or as rotor/stator assemblies.

Additionally, the motors can be used in a variety of architectural positions throughout a vehicle.

BorgWarner also offers inverters, which can achieve the same, next-generation 800-volt level.