BMW has confirmed that the new Mini will not be taking exhibition space at the London Motor Show this autumn. The decision will be seen as further bad news for the London event and follows Ford's shock decision to pull-out, which was announced last week.

BMW spokesman Mark Harrison told just-auto: "We are not taking part because a static show in one city is not what we want to be doing. It is not a question of money. We will be arranging a national roadshow for the car at about the same time which will get the car in front of those who are interested and want to see it." The Mini will be launched in the UK in the summer and a number of regional events are planned for that time.

BMW's decision to snub the London show follows the car's public launch at the Paris Show last year, rather than at Birmingham, which was originally planned for the launch when the brand was part of BMW's British operating unit, Rover Cars. Since the sale of Rover Cars and taking ownership of the Mini brand, BMW has focused on a strongly pan-European marketing strategy.

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