The BMW Group had a record July with sales of 180,726 BMWs and Minis, a 0.4% increase year on year. The year to date tally of 1,401,551 (+4.3%) vehicles was also a record.

Year to date deliveries of the nine electrified vehicles the group now offers rose 74.8% to 50,711.

Global BMW brand sales inched up 0.1% to 153,511 in July and 4.5% to 1,191,547 year to date.

Mini sales rose 2% in July to 26,974 units and 3.4% year to date to 208,188.

The automaker said "headwinds in the significant UK market" led to a slight decrease in sales in Europe in July but YTD sales remain slightly above the very high level of last year, with growth of 1.7%. France (51,569/+3.6%) and Spain (35,731/+8.9%) were two of the regions more significant growth drivers.

Sales in Asia continued to grow this year, driven mainly by China, where combined BMW and Mini deliveries were up 17% YTD.

The downturn in the US market was reflected in the Americas, down 3.5% YTD.

"Following a record first half year, our sales in July remain at a very high level, with profitability our primary focus," said BMW sales chief Ian Robertson. "Despite continuing headwinds in the US, as well as the model changeover of the X3 and 5 Series in China, we were still able to achieve last year's high sales levels due to our policy of balanced global sales growth. Sales of our electrified vehicles continue to develop extremely well, with all nine of our electrified cars playing their role in this success."