BMW has announced the availability of Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) on its navigation system fitted to cars sold in the US. BMW sys that this new premium service feature will offer timely traffic information and, for the first time on any production vehicle sold in the United States, dynamic rerouting on navigation systems in select 2007 BMW models, i.e. the X5, M5, M6, and the 3, 5, and 6 Series models.

RTTI is set to launch this September.

"As an independent company deeply rooted in innovation, we are extremely excited to add RTTI to our robust suite of offerings," said Alan Harris, Vice President of Aftersales for BMW of North America.

"At no recurring cost to the customer, RTTI transforms the navigation system from an option that is mainly used only when customers are lost or going to an unknown destination, to a daily benefit that helps them reach their destinations more efficiently and effortlessly than ever before. We will continue to seek groundbreaking ideas, technologies and features that give drivers peace of mind and improve the daily driving experience."

BMW has included RTTI as part of the cost of the navigation system for select 2007 BMW models. There are no activation fees or recurring monthly charges to BMW customers for 4 years.

BMW's new RTTI service will be available in as many as 44 major metropolitan markets through Clear Channel's Total Traffic Network, Clear Channel Radio's award-winning programming and technology service that delivers Real Time Traffic Information directly to vehicles over its extensive network of FM radio stations.