Continuously evolving - and no door handles...

Continuously evolving - and no door handles...

Human Horizons' HiPhi X has made its debut at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show. Designed and built by Human Horizons in Shanghai, the HiPhi X claims to be the world's first 'continuously evolving super SUV'.

HiPhi X is described as the world's 'first touch-free, door handle-less production vehicle' and comes with Level 4 Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP), a 5G-V2X communication network, the largest number of voice control functions on any production vehicle, and facial recognition entry.

Human Horizons claims the HiPhi X offers some of the industry's most advanced software capabilities, including the 'world's best in-car data transmission bandwidth', combined with secure and developer-enabled 'HOA' electrical architecture. The vehicle, it is claimed, is capable of real-time, continuous monitoring of its systems, occupants and its surroundings, through 562 built-in sensors. Over-the-air updates enable continuous improvement opportunities for all vehicle systems and attributes including performance, UX interfaces and seat control.

With the launch models being sold directly at the Beijing Auto Show starting at RMB 800,000 for the four-seater and from RMB 680,000 for the six-seater, the HiPhi X community will start to be developed, the company says.

Providing opportunity for this community to be a part of the experience, Human Horizons unveiled plans to build 37 HiPhi Centers. These are described as 'spaces for the integration of art, technology, and science, across 19 cities, opening throughout 2021'. The Centers are designed as a place to bring the HiPhi enthusiasts together and encourage the customers to help define developments for HiPhi X and future vehicles.

Human Horizons announced its partnership with Microsoft at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in July 2020. The first AI application from this partnership in a smart vehicle, is also being launched at the Auto Show in the form of an AI assistant, named HiPhiGo. HiPhiGo has been specifically designed to obey voice commands, and provide a truly interactive, advanced AI for the driver. HiPhiGo has been developed to be creative; it can chat, write poetry, produce a painting, and edit videos.

HiPhi X will be available in a small volume production run at the end of 2020, with an official market launch in the 1st half of 2021.