The president of Ballard Power Systems said on Thursday the world's largest fuel-cell maker will strengthen tie-ups with Honda and other major Japanese car makers to develop fuel-cell vehicles, Kyodo News reported, according to Dow Jones.

"We expect our collaboration with Honda to grow," Dennis Campbell reportedly said when asked about future relations with Honda, which has developed its own fuel-cell technologies, Kyodo reported.

Dow Jones noted that Canada-based Ballard has an 85% world market share of fuel cells, supplying its products to 10 out of the world's 15 top car makers, including Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors and Volkswagen.

Campbell reportedly indicated that Toyota, which is moving ahead of other Japanese companies in fuel-cell development, will also be a potential Ballard client.

According to Dow Jones, Campbell said Ballard plans to keep its global market share above 50% when the world is expected to see the early mass production of commercial fuel cells in 10 years. He quoted Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi as saying that his government wants to see 50,000 fuel-cell vehicles in Japan by 2010.

Kyodo reported that Campbell said Ballard will focus on affordability when developing core parts for the next generation of fuel cells, Dow Jones said.

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