AvtoVAZ has said that it increased its domestic car sales 2.4% over last year to over 428,000 vehicles in the January-August period.

AvtoVAZ sold 120,000 Lada Samara cars, 113,200 cars of the 2105/07 group, 35,600 cars of the Lada 110 group, 61,900 Lada Kalina cars, 82,600 Lada Priora cars, and 14,800 Lada 4x4 vehicles.

AvtoVAZ also exported over 76,500 Lada vehicles in January-August, up 16.6% on the year, the company said in a statement.

In 2007, AvtoVAZ sold 663,500 vehicles on the domestic market, while its exports reached 106,900 vehicles.