With 164,749 units from the eleven terminals in the country, vehicle production closed the first quarter of the year with a significant increase of 38% in relation to the same period in 1999.

Last year, production and sales were dominated by the Brazilian economic situation, a corollary of the Real devaluation by 40% on January 13th.

In January 1999 vehicle production was half that of January 2000. The state of alert in the industry is due to the big drop in dispatch to concessionaries last month: 19.5% in relation to June of 1999 and 8.9% in relation to last May.

Last month 29,066 units were manufactured and sales to national vehicle concessionaries were a total of 14, 948 vehicles. In June, exports increased by 2.7% in relation to May and had an increase of 56.7% in relation to the same month in 1999, making a total of 13,271 units.