The huge Argentinean economical crisis I still in full flow according to data released by the Argentine vehicle makers' association.

In August carmakers based in Argentina produced just 15,238 vehicles according to the Argentinean National Automaker's Federation (ADEFA) - a decrease of 19.9% on the same month last year and 3.7% under the July level.

However, there was some light in the gloom - Argentinean vehicles sales of 5,123 units in August showed a small increase of 2.4% over the July level. However, the August sales were 66.9% under the same month of last year.

Argentinean vehicle exports also decreased last month. August vehicle exports reached 11,578 units, a fall of 6.6% on July and 18.4% down on the same month last year.

In the first eight months of 2002 vehicle production was 100,064 units - 43.1% down on last year. Vehicle sales in the period declined by 55.8% to 56,303 units.

Vehicle exports declined by 32.7% in the period to 78,662 vehicles.