Aura Systems Inc. (OTC:AURA - news) announced that the U.S Patent office has allowed a second patent for its AuraGen mobile power generation system.

This additional patent will enhance the Company's position by providing patent coverage not only for the basic AuraGen machine but also to the integrated control system for the vehicle power generating system. The patent covers the controller that converts the variable frequency and amplitude input power electrical energy into constant frequency and constant voltage electrical output power irrespective of the operational speed of the vehicle.

In addition the system patent covers the integration of multi sensors and a throttle control actuator as part of the integrated vehicle power generating system. The original AuraGen patent was issued in March of 1998.

The AuraGen Mobile Generator system is engine driven and capable of providing 5,000 Watts of continuous and 7200 Watts of peak, pure sine wave, 60 Hz, 120/240 VAC power for operating any type of equipment in combination, from the most sensitive digital computer to the most brute force compressor. The system provides the same quality of electrical power whether the vehicle is stationary or mobile.

The AuraGen Mobile Generator system is now also available in a unique simultaneous AC and DC configuration that is unavailable in gensets or inverters. The system provides simultaneously both 120 VAC as well as 14V or 28V DC power and currently is also capable of providing 42V DC power if and when such a configuration will be needed.

This configuration will automatically provide up to 3,600 Watts of AC power and up to 2,800 Watts of DC power. The amount of AC or DC power provided in this configuration is a function of load demands. Furthermore there is no need for manual switching to control or manage the loads. Continuous power of up to 5300 Watts of combined AC and DC is provided by the system.

Another new configuration for the AuraGen now available is a DC only system. This system provides 6000 Watts of continues DC power at 28 Volts and generates in excess of 200 amps of current.

Commercial end-users include utility companies, communications companies, state, local and federal agencies, among others, on a variety of vehicles. More information about the AuraGen is available on the company's Web site:

Aura Systems Inc., a leader in electromagnetic systems, is located in El Segundo, Calif.

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