Asian brands took further market share from US automakers after increasing November sales by more than 10%.

According to Bloomberg News, Japanese and South Korean brands, including Toyota, Honda and Hyundai, won 39% of the US market, up from 35.8% a year ago.

Market share for General Motors, Ford and Chrysler dropped to a combined 53.3% share from 56.7% last year.

Toyota's Avalon and Lexus IS sedan, Honda's 2006 Civic models and the 2006 Hyundai Sonata sedan, all released earlier this year, led sales. US consumers purchased more cars and fewer larger SUVs, a segment led by GM and Ford.

The two US carmakers lost a combined US$1.9bn last quarter while Toyota is forecasting record profits for this fiscal year, reported Bloomberg.

Honda sold 105,860 vehicles last month, compared with 95,524 a year ago. The Ridgeline, Honda's first US pickup, posted sales of 5,243, the model's best sales volume since its release in March.